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Hand-Crafted Cutlery

Cooking Knives

Our blade is the favourite option for cooking due to its precise cutting, made
possible by its versatile design. Its distinguishing features are; the width of the
blade, greater comfort, and the distance between the cutting edge and the
user’s hand.

Hunting Knives

It is the supreme companion for hunting and fishing. Its materials, tempered high
carbon steel and hardwood (Guayubira), put together in a unique design, make
up a highly suitable tool for axing, cutting, skinning, gutting and butchering of
prey, it has a full tang blade, which generates a balanced weight. Its handle
stands out for providing a firm grip, making it a robust and solid tool. The sheath,
made of tanned leather, is designed for a highly practical storing and carrying.

BBQ Knives

This is a product range designed to show off the qualities of a good cook. This is a long model, made for improving the barbeque reach and for distancing the user from the
heat of the coals. It stands out for its unique design and the particularly sharp edge at the end of its blade, providing comfortable cutting and better motor control over the grill, oven or vertical barbeque.

Care Instructions

-Hand wash and paper towel dry after use, do so immediately if working with acidic ingredients e.g. tomatoes and lemons. This includes drying before storage, leaving a knife wet may cause it to rust.

- DO NOT put your Knife in any type of Dishwasher.

-Never use glass cutting boards. Chopping on any surface that's harder than your knife will hurt the blade. Always opt for a wood cutting board to ensure you are treating your knife with adequate respect.

-When cutting use a steady action. Swinging your knife into hard items may cause it to chip.

-Do not twist the blade when cutting. For items like parmesan and other dense food items use a knife with a thick spine.

-High Carbon knives may develop a “patina” ( which is a thin layer that forms on the surface of the knife, caused by oxidation). This is perfectly normal and a sign of quality.

-Sharpening should be done with whetstones.

-If and only if, you hone with a steel, be sure to have proper technique. Hitting your knife on the steel may cause it to chip. Never use coarse steel. Using a steel may cause a bow in your blade, due to the blade not having full contact from heel to hip.

Look after your knives and treat them with due respect .

In return, they will last you a Lifetime.

Sharpening service


Do you have knives or any other tools that need to be sharpened?

We can help you! 

We love bringing your edge knives and tools back to live! We work with a professional system imported from Sweden. We focus on quality and performance, our system is the original in water cooled sharpening.

Thanks to the low speed on all our machines, there is no risk that the edge becomes overheated and loses its hardness. The edge is continuously cooled with water during the sharpening. The fine-grained diamond wheel and slow rotation prevent the edge from becoming overheated.

Our  system has a specially developed composite wheel with integrated polish for final polishing of the edge, which gives the knife a very sharp edge to ensure you have a cleanest edge.

How long does it take to have my knives/tools back?

We try to do it ASAP, but please expect 24hs to have your knives/tools back as we have a big demand. 

Important information.

Please lay out your knives on a towel, fold the towel over the sharp end of the knives and roll up. Secure with string or tape.

Make sure you tell your colleagues and family  that you have had your knives/tools professionally sharpened to prevent accidents.